Author: TEDx Talks

Empowering Kids to Rise Above Technology Addiction | Lisa Strohman | TEDxPasadena
Technology, innovation and scale have revolutionized our lives. | Jay Hermacinski | TEDxIndianapolis
Marketing Without Advertising | Manu Kumar Jain | TEDxIIFTDelhi
The ideal business plan | George Koukis | TEDxChalkida
Stop Managing, Start Leading | Hamza Khan | TEDxRyersonU
Disadvantages of technology and social media networks | Marina Farag | TEDxUMST
Technology Transfer in the 21st Century | Helge Seetzen & Bob Lucky | TEDxNavesink
Redefining Learning & Teaching using Technology. | Jason Brown | TEDxNorwichED
Technology Addiction and What you Can do About It. | Ben Halpert | TEDxSaintThomas
Accepting the role of technology in our lives | Akarsh Verma | TEDxYouth@BIS
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